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Airport Noise Reductions

Single family homes and non-condominium buildings (6 units or less) in Norwood Park Township along with those in parts of Maine, Leyden and Jefferson townships will be receiving assessment reduction notices due to impact airport noise is having on their values.  This is the result of a two year evealuation.

These reductions will affect the assessed values for Tax Year 2016 and will be reflected on tax bills issued in 2017.


Speaking of 2017 tax bills.....

The due date for first installment 2016 tax bills has been set for Wednesday, march 1, 2017.  The first installment taxes are 55% of the prior year's total tax.

The second installment date is tentatively set for August 1.  However, that may vary as this bill relies on the delivery of various sets of data by other state and county agencies.  This bill reflects the new assessed values, appeal results, exemptions, the state equalization factor and taxing-district tax rates.

PA Taxpayers Predicted to See Higher Taxes

About 85% of Pennsylvania school districts plan to raise property taxes this year over last year. 30% plan to ask to tax above the Act 1 index.  School officials say the increases are necessary to cover growing mandated expenses  including pensions, special ed and health care.