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  • Are you tired of explaining the same situation over and over until you connect with the right person?

  • Not sure which number choice to make on the voice mail?

  • Anxious to talk with a person in the know? Looking for bottom line property tax savings?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then E&A is your choice for a property tax consultant. E&A clients enjoy competitively priced services with the personal attention of senior staff, all of whom have proven track records.

Our staff, in addition to being certified, is actively involved with various national and state property tax and appraisal organizations.
E&A's significant investment in education and resource materials ensures that our professionals are kept abreast of statutory changes and other state by state developments.

E&A also likes to keep our clients up to date on the latest property tax news. One way we do this is publishing a quarterly "TAX FACTS" newsletter. We also send occasional "TAX ALERTS" to clients when a property tax issue requires immediate attention.

Whether you have one office center, a multi state property portfolio, a manufacturing plant or properties in the US and Canada, our tax reps can help.