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Perhaps it was coincidence that Terry Ennes and Carl Pharr decided to open the doors of Ennes & Associates, Inc. on July 5th, but it is a fact they share a Patriot's zeal to ensure fair taxation for all.

It was 1989 when Ennes & Associates, Inc hung its shingle in Arlington Hts, IL with a staff of four. Their first major client was Wickes Companies Inc. based out of Santa Monica, CA.

Word of the high quality service and excellent tax savings E&A clients enjoyed spread quickly and soon the company needed to expand both our space and our employees. Today, we are still based in Arlington Hts in triple the space, have a staff of nine and a client portfolio that spans the US and Canada.
Sticking to our Mission Statement has allowed E&A to stay on track and enjoy solid growth. Our mission statement capsulizes our philosophy in dealing with clients and taxing authorities. It simply states:

To offer our clients services that combine expertise and results to affect a bottom line tax savings. To do this at a competitive price, in a professional and forthright manner and as a good corporate citizen. Our unique competence will be an unsurpassed understanding of the needs of our customers and this will drive all that we do.