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Professionalism is evident in all aspects of Ennes & Associates' activities. Maintaining a high level of expertise is a constant goal at our company. All of our professionals are required to remain current not only in broad tax issues but also in their specific areas. This effort is evident in the many affiliations maintained by E&A's professional staff. These include:
  • Institute for Professionals in Taxation

  • International Association of Assessing Officers

  • National Council of Property Taxation

  • National Society of Environmental Consultants

  • Taxpayers Federation of Illinois

  • And Many State and Appraisal Associations


Professional Designations and Certifications help maintain a superior level of knowledge and mastery in all of our staff. Staff currently hold the following certifications/designations:
  • Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO)

  • Certified Member of the Institute (CMI)

  • Certified General Real Estate Appraiser (IL, SC)

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent (IL)

  • Registered Agents in AZ, TN, TX

  • Certified Level I and II Appraisers/Assessors - IN

  • Environmental Assessment/Screening Consultant (EAC, EAS)

Community plays a large part in E&A's everyday life so we encourage our staff to become active members in local Chambers of Commerce and Community Groups.

In addition, staff members regularly attend classes and seminars on current issues in their fields of valuation, tax administration, computer technology, accountancy, and general appraisal practices.