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"...our unique competence will be an unsurpassed understanding of
the needs of our customers and this will drive all that we do."

Ennes & Associates, Inc Mission Statement

Ennes & Associates, Inc works in the highly specialized area of
Ad Valorem taxes, commonly known as property taxes. These are taxes
that are based on the value of assets. They are promulgated by
local units of government and are relatively decentralized in comparison
to taxes mandated by the state and federal units of government.
Ennes & Associates, Inc prides itself on working closely with our clients,
listening to their needs, and reacting in such a way as to minimize the impact property
taxes has on their bottom line.

Our services fall into three main categories:

1. Ad Valorem Tax Services
- Real Property
- Personal Property
- Tax Compliance
2. Mergers and Acquisitions
- Due Diligence
- Tax Liability Forecasts
- Lease Reviews
- Transfer Taxes
3. Additional Services
- Exemptions
- Appraisals
- Expert Witness
- In House Review & Training
- Many More

Here are a few examples of the benefits our clients have derived from E&A's professional services:

  • A 1.4 million sq. ft. distribution center in Chicago, Illinois enjoyed a 1.77 million dollar tax savings.

  • A textile plant in North Carolina realized a $82,000 refund following the successful valuation appeal
    of a technologically impacted extrusion process.

  • A strip shopping center located in suburban Cook County, Illinois realized $21,000
    in annual tax savings.

  • A moth balled manufacturing plant in Windsor, Ontario received a $65,000 tax refund
    as a result of E&A's appeal.

  • A 600,000 sq. ft. environmentally impaired and obsolete manufacturing facility in
    Rhode Island saw a tax savings of $540,000.

  • We filed an application for exemption for a Michigan automotive OEM. After it was approved, their forecasted personal property tax expenses were reduced by $208,000.

  • After triggering an audit on the inventory valuation for a health care client in
    Ohio two years of negotiations resulted in a tax refund of $46,000.

  • A Southfield, Michigan office building owner saw a tax savings of $315,000.

We can do this for you too...just call.